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Cloudspark Men's Grove Ice

Cloudspark Men's Grove Ice

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Collection: Performance Running

Best for: Fast training, 5K, 10K, Half-marathon, Tempo runs, Road running, Interval training, Short runs, Everyday training, Warm weather, Cold weather, Changing weather, Indoor training.

Based on the running biomechanics of cisgender women, the Cloudspark provides short ground contact and more air time. It allows people of all genders, who share similar biomechanics, to feel both light and strong, for an optimized running sensation.

Featuring powerful propulsion and more air time to support how an underrepresented community of runners moves. Designed using data from over one million cisgender women, its light, breathable mesh upper creates an optimized running sensation for runners who are not usually catered to. Lightweight, high-performance components ensure lasting support and comfort. Most running shoes are designed for men. This one was created for cisgender women.

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